Remove The Fence

I recently bought a small farm. When I first moved in, the yard was about a half acre, and a fence divided the rest of the property. In order to access the rest of the land, I had to climb the fence. So I set about to remove the fence… There was so much beauty on the other side that was being ignored. The trees were covered with large vines and they were choking them out. They were dying because the vines were choking out the light. As I chopped the vines they withered, and the wind blew the leaves away. Then I noticed something; the trees started to produce new leaves and good fruit. I cleaned out the weeds and new grass started to grow. In some places flowers appeared. God’s creatures came, fed, and played in the open field. You see, the Lord showed up in all his beauty. All I had to do was remove the fence.
Sometimes we put up barriers to block ourselves from the world. But it also blocks us from those that need our help. They need the vines of this world cut down so the sin can wither and die. Then they can see the light and begin to produce good fruit for Christ.
Remove the weeds that are the cares and burdens of this world so God can send the blessings He so longs to bestow. Tear down the fence.
Remove the barriers and let the light of Christ in so others can see. Do you have a fence that needs removed? The time to take it down is now. Remove your fence, cut the vines, and tell others what Jesus can do. There is so much beauty out there if we just look.
God Bless.

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Thy will be done

It’s been a busy week of work and study and I have not put any thought in writing anything. While reading C.S.Lewis’ The Great Divorce, I read something very profound that I would like to share.

“There are only two kinds of people in the end: those who say to God, “Thy will be done,” and those to whom God says, in the end, “Thy will be done.” All that are in Hell, choose it. Without that self-choice there could be no Hell. No soul that seriously and constantly desires joy will ever miss it. Those who seek find. Those who knock it is opened.”

Beloved, seek God’s will for yourself. Call on the beautiful name of Jesus…
-God Bless.

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Will He confess me to the Father?

I heard once about a boy that was in church and while the preacher was speaking walked up to the front of the church and asked,

“If I confess Jesus to the ‘world’ will He confess me to the Father?”

I tell you if that preacher would have preached all day he couldnt have said as much as that boy did. I have heard people confess men who have helped them out from time to time in their lives, stopped to help fix a flat, forgiven them a debt, you name it.  A person will praise men all sorts of acts of kindness and that is all well and good.  But how many people confess Jesus Christ?  He left Heaven to instruct us in the perfect will of the Father, and at the appointed time, died upon the cross for our sins, all because He loves us so much that He wants “none to perish.”

Beloved, we need to confess Christ to the world and if we do the bible tells us He will confess us to the Father.  If we give ourselves to Jesus the bible tells us we will be heirs to God.  Christ did a wonderful thing for you and I and we need not keep it to ourselves.

Ask Jesus into your life and then tell folks what He has done.

-God Bless.

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Faith-  Where are we without it?  It is the bond which holds all things together.  Family, friends, business, government.  What happens when this bond begins to dissolve?  There becomes a state of barbarism and anarchy, with everyone distrusting his neighbor, fearing friends and associates, progress becomes impossible, and civilization inconceivable.

Where do we begin to put our faith?  I believe, in Christ.  Now how do we begin to put our faith in Jesus?  The bible tells us that “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God”.  What is another word for faith?  Trust or belief… Jesus said, “just believe”.  Believe He can do what He says.  The patriarch Joshua’s dying words to his people were that God’s promises have never failed him throughout his entire life.  The promises of God are just that.  Promises!  What God says; He will do.  How do we obtain these promises?  Through faith.  How do we obtain faith?  Pick up your bible and read!   You will find passage upon passage pertaining to faith as well as the promises of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  

God tells us if we obey His commandments He will be just to reward us.  How?  With eternal life with our savior.  He will be just to forgive us our sins if we ask, believe, and turn from them.  Do you believe this?  Do you believe God keeps His promises?  Do you know that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you?  

Ask Jesus into your life, pick up a bible and ask Him to show you the promises; to give you faith if you need it.  Christ came for all.  Ask.  Knock.  He wants to show you a love and peace you have never known.

-God Bless.

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Be reconciled

“So if you are offering your gift at the the alter, and you remember your brother has something against you, leave your gift.  Be reconciled with your brother,  and then return and give”.

Why did Jesus say that?   We live on borrowed time.  As christians we are to be forgiving and understanding.  Have you ever left a conversation in anger with someone you care about?  A friend or family member?  Or sometimes we just are in a “mood” and take our frustrations out on those who are unfortunate enough to cross our path that day.  What would happen if those were the last words we spoke to that person?  How would we feel having that memory to haunt us for the rest of our life?  Also, what if Christ returned for His church and we had spoken things to someone that it was now too late to ask forgiveness or to reconcile for?  We often think, “I shouldnt have said that or acted that way to someone, next time I see them I will fix it”.  Or, “they know me, they know I didnt mean anything”.  That is taking for granted that there will be a next time.  The bible says, “let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in your sight”.

God loves us so much that He thinks of everything.  He does not want us to have to deal with that type of anguish.  That is why He warns us against that type of behavior.  We are what we think and say.  In all we do let us do it for the Glory of God.  Love your neighbor as yourself, and let your words and actions reflect such.  In doing so we can show the love of Christ and live a life acceptable to God.

-God Bless you all my beloved friends.

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I and the Father are one

Jesus said, “I and the Father are one.”  And again, “if you see Me, you see the Father”.

How did He make that claim?  How was Jesus God?  Let us first look at ourselves.  What makes us unique?  It is not that we all look somewhat different.  We all have arms, legs, hands, feet, eyes, nose, ect.  What makes us different from each other?  Our thoughts and our speech.  For what we think and what we say is who we are.

Now suppose I could think something and you could say it from my thoughts alone, then I would believe that you and I would be one.  Ergo, of one mind and one thought.  I could think it, and you could put it into existence.  So it is with Jesus, The Word.  One mind and one Spirit with God.  So now we have the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  The Trinity.  “No one can get to the Father except through Me.”  

There is only one name on earth in which a person can be saved; Jesus.  Why?  Because Jesus was born of the Spirit as flesh.  Opened the mind of God for us, experienced all the same human things we do.  And then gave His life as an atonement for our sins.

Greater LOVE has no man that to lay down his life for his friends.  Jesus called us His friends!  He desires a personal relationship with us the same as any best friend.  Only this is much better, He has promised to send us a comforter to those that call upon Him, The Holy Spirit.  That we may be forgiven our sins, and belong to Him.  Now all things that are given to God are consecrated to Him or” Holy”.  So if we give ourselves to the Lord, we are to be Holy as Christ is Holy.  So if Christ is with us, then also Christ is in us!  How beautiful it is to belong to Jesus!  If God is with us then who can be against us?  No weapon formed against us can prosper!  

If you havent done it yet, ask Jesus to come into your life, forgive your sins and begin a spiritual journey beyond your natural comprehensions.

God Bless.

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Why do we believe

Why do we believe?  Why do we call ourselves christians?  believers?  Is it because we have a deep strong desire to put Jesus first in our lives?  I think there are three types of christians.

1] The ones that think christianity is just believing that there is a God and that Jesus was a real person, the historical christian.

2] The ones who go to church and do the best works that they can do on their own…The almost christian.

3] The ones who desire a deep meaningful relationship with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Where do you land in this?  The almost christian does the best he can in hopes that he will escape the judgement.  If you ask him if he is going to heaven the reply will be that he hopes so but who can be sure?  He fears God and believes you reap what you sow.  He’s generally a decent sort, but just doesn’t understand that true christianity is more than works, more than fear.  More than “I try to be a good person because its just the right thing to do”.  He’s so close that he’s almost there.  God desires to give us so much more my beloved.  We are His children.  Do you not want to give your children all the best that you can possibly give?  I am very certain that you do.  What more our perfect Father, creator of all things, who is pure Love desires to give us.  Jesus desires a strong loving, caring relationship with us.  Not just a passing “wa sup” once in awhile.  Jesus put us first, above all things and all He asks is we do the same for Him.  How many failures have we experienced in this life because we tried to do it all on our own?  How much different things could be if we just give it to God and leave it in His perfect and capable hands?  We may not always get the results WE want, but if we understand God’s plans are perfect and He has something far better planned, if we just trust and surrender it to Him, then we will start to see the pieces fitting together far better than we could have imagined ourselves.  We can be certain where we will spend eternity.  Read Romans ch.10.  “The word is on your lips”.  Jesus is right here, right now.  If you haven’t yet, ask Him into your life, be cleansed of your sins, and start with a clean slate.  No one is too far gone.  Jesus loves you.  Just ask Him.

-God Bless

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Move the stones

Lazarus was dead,Jesus knew it.He had tarried four days.Now it was time to act.In Gods time.No one else understood, but He did.Martha said Lord if you had only been here.Now Jesus is in front of the tomb,all are standing around.The first thing He said is “roll away the stone”He could have moved it with just a word but He made them do it.Roll away the stone and watch His supernatural power at work.To fully rely and trust in the Lord does not mean just to sit back and wait for God to do all the work but to trust that the work you do will be blessed.That the prayer you pray will be answered.In His time and for His good.Roll away the stone! Remove the obstacles within you.I can do all things THROUGH CHRIST who strengthens me.First we have to call upon Him,trust Him,believe in Him completely.That means surrender all.He gave all and we can give nothing less.Elijah stood before an entire nation and said if He be God then worship Him.What do we worship?You cannot serve two masters.I used to go out on sunday morning and wash and shine my harley.Spent a couple hours on my knees shining it.Oh if only i spent that much time on my knees for God!Nothing wrong with having things but who do we serve? we cannot serve two masters.A house divided cannot stand.Roll away the stone! Do your part and Jesus will do His.Trust Him.Love Him.Believe in Him.Step out on faith and give it to Him.Do all things but put Him first.His guidance is perfect,but we have to move the stones in ourselves before He can make us into something to be used for His good works.God Bless.

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Mercy or judgement?

Back in the days of the romans they had what was called a judgement seat,we are told Pilate brought out a judgement seat before the jewish people when he was to hear the charges brought against Jesus. The only time he sat in it was when he was to judge.Our Lord has different seats He set in also.Right now He is sitting in what is called the Mercy seat.Its an actual seat,the old testament tells us so.While He sets there, He extends us His mercy by grace that we may believe in Jesus Christ and yet be saved from judgement or as it says in revelations 20 the second death.”For the wages of sin is death but everlasting life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”He wont be on the mercy seat forever.We are told even Jesus doesnt know how long.Thats what i mean by” we are living on borrowed time.”Eventually He will leave the mercy seat and it will be too late.When He does He will move to the judgement seat.Everything changes then.Are you going to be ready when He leaves His mercy seat?How long have you been putting it off?If your car had bad brakes would you put it off until you crashed?What more your eternal soul?Jesus is looking for you right now.He took up His cross,will you take up yours?God Bless.

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