A Season For Everything

Good morning all,well tonite arkansas is going to see its first hard freeze so i guess it time to harvest what i can from the container garden and tear it down.The bible tells us there is a time to sow and a time to reap,a season for everything.I was thinking about the meaning behind that and figure it can be taken two ways.First our plants in the garden.That season is short.But what is the season to sow the seeds of Jesus Christ?well;i believe it started the day Christ started his ministry and will continue until his second coming.He said “go and make disciples of all nations” and again”some of the first will be last and the last first”.What hope we can hold in that statement! But if He came tonite how can i guarantee my place in heaven?Well i used to think”im a good person and God loves me so im going to heaven.I believe i already proved in an earlier post that im not a good person,Does God love me?Of course,but God is not unclear on His judgements if we could get in on our merits alone then Christ suffered on the cross for nothing.It is only through repenting of our sins,asking forgiveness for them,and inviting Jesus into our hearts and life by having a personal relationship with him that we can go to heaven in the end.The world has deceived us. Satan is of the world but we are not to be of this world.I used to think”i am such a sinner,God will not forgive me”Not true! Jesus said “knock and the door will be opened”He offers this gift to us because he desires love and friendship just as we do,lest we forget we are made in Gods image.Jesus said”no one gets to the Father except through Me”He is the resurrection and the life.If you havent already.. knock,Hes waiting just for you.Have a blessed day.

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