i got nothing today,except the teacher is always silent during the is tested during the silent times,true christianity is not emotion or feeling but an alignment of your will with that of God.we cant always feel or hear his voice but as long as we continue to hold fast to the promise and keep ourself open to the will of our Lord He will be faithful and steadfast,we cry” Abba Father”.And by faith in His promise we know that He hears us.we have no control over our emotions but we can have control over our will as our emotions are often contradictory to our will.If we keep our will in line with Gods will regardless what our emotions or feelings are telling us [or not telling us]and by pure faith hold to Gods promise that we are His for His good works,then we can be sure in time God will reward the faith and belief we hold in His promise.Hold fast,even in the silent times of testing.The reward will be great.Let us always be clay in the potters hands to be molded,shaped and formed into a vessel fit for His good use.God Bless.

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