For God so loved the world

For God so loved the world that He sent his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not die but have eternal life.Well my beloved friends it is the eve of the birth of Christ.What a beautiful thing.If we search the history books we find that wars have come to a screeching halt on this night.We find that both sides in the midst of battle have laid down their weapons for one night and shared the message of love that Jesus Christ gave His life to proclaim.Love thy neighbor,Love thy Lord,That is the central of the message.God is pure love.No other man has influenced an entire world more than Jesus Christ.Why?Because His message was Love.Merry Christmas my dear friends.Jesus loves you and so do I.God Bless.

Greater love has no man than this

Jesus?,..Yes Father,..satan has influenced my creation and now all have sin in their hearts.The only way i can save them now is for someone to die as a blood atonement for them,will you do that for them?..Yes Father i will…It will mean you will have to become flesh,teach them of the kingdom of Heaven.Be rejected by the very people you are trying to save…Yes….Also they will arrest you,beat you,spit on you and humiliate you.Then they will whip you until your body is shredded and make you carry a cross to the outskirts of town and crucify you. while you are on that cross you will be full of every horrible sin imaginable and i will have to forsake you until the third day when you will rise from death and return to Me….And this will save all mankind?….Only those that believe in you and who call upon your name to be saved by what you have done…I will do it Father…It will soon be Christmas and we will celebrate the birth of our savior.But it is not as much the birth we are celebrating but the mission.Jesus was born for one reason,to die for the sins of the world.That is something to celebrate,that He loves us so much that He would leave Heaven and die for us.”Greater love has no man than this,that a man lay down his life for his friends.This is the meaning of Christmas.If you havent already ask Him into your life.Make Him Lord of ALL.Go to Him with a prayer of thanksgiving this Christmas.Jesus IS the reason for the season. Amen. God Bless….Im sending this to all my friends, i cant talk to or see you all so this is my christmas present to all of you.

Plant a seed

There was a certain man who committed a crime and was sentenced to the death penalty.When the time came to pay the price a chaplain showed up to walk with him to the “chair”. As they walked the chaplain told him about Jesus and how he could be saved for his sins and become a changed man.At this the man stopped and looked at the chaplain and said”do you mean to tell me that you have known this all these years an im just now hearing about it?”Christians we have the life saving information that can save so many.Jesus said”go and make disciples of all nations”.We dont have to be called to preach to witness to people.Each one of us has a testimony.Paul said “i dont look for the praise of men but only of Jesus Christ”.So many churches only have church on sunday morning but christians are a peculiar bunch we are to spread the truth at any opportunity.How long have you been sitting next to that co-worker knowing he is not saved.All we are asked to do is plant the seed,Christ will do the rest.Whether he listens or not is between him and the Lord but a seed not planted cannot grow.”Narrow is the path to Heaven but wide is the road to Hell, The harvest is ripe but the workers are few.How sad are the statements made by our Lord Jesus! The world will not accept Him because the great deceiver satan is of the world.We are not to be of this world and it doesnt matter if we are accepted or not by those that are.We are told although to love our neighbor as ourselves,pray for those who persecute you.I understand that “no one can follow Christ and escape unpopularity”but thats ok Jesus is our reward and it doesnt get any better than that!Pray for boldness,tell someone about Christ.Plant a seed.Let someone know why we say”Merry Christmas” instead of happy holidays.This season is all about the birth of a SAVIOR and nothing else.God Bless all of you my beloved.

you say this is too hard

“My yoke is easy and my burden is light” you say this is too hard,im just not sure what the will of the Lord is for my life.That is very simple my beloved..His will is for you is to surrender yourselves to Him completely.To trust Him to work in you all things for His glory.When we realize this and move our will to His, we can begin to become pliable clay in His hands.Understand my friends it is not for us to know His plans for us, only to know his will.Jesus makes it very clear,just believe.Believe God has a plan for each of us.What is our measure of faith.”by your measure of faith it will be done”How many of us as an apprentice can walk onto a job and do the work of the master?We desire to get ourselves to that point, but but it is not an immediate thing.We must trust and have complete faith and belief that our teacher will bring us to this point and the teacher must have complete obedience or this cannot be accomplished.Im sure many of us remember the movie the karate kid.He wanted to learn all he could from the master so the master gave him a lot full of cars to wash and wax.What grumbling and complaining he displayed.It wasnt until he was finished that he found out that he was just taught the basics of the masters knowledge.God works in much the same way.We may not understand what or why a particular thing is happening but as long as we stay obedient to the Lord we find out sooner or later it works together for the good.To receive the full benefits of Christ Jesus can only take place when we surrender ourselves to Him completely.Not my will but yours Lord. Have a Blessed day.

Be anxious for nothing

How many times have we tried to accomplish something in our lives only to fail?”ive tried all i know to do,i guess there is nothing left except to just pray about it”We seem to put God last on our list when He should be first.Be anxious for nothing.Ive heard so many people say “but i do pray but nothing happens”Not Gods fault.When we give it to God we are to leave it with God.We pray and give it over to God and then when we are done we pick it right back up and take it with us.How can God do anything with something we wont let go of?Often we pray about something but hold doubt in our heart”Well He might help me with this”The bible tells us of a story of two blind men calling to Jesus by the side of the road.Jesus stops and asks them “what do you want me to do?” Do you think He didnt know what they wanted?Of course He did,but He wanted to hear it from them the same as He wants you to make your requests known.But then..He told them “by your measure of faith so you will be healed”What do you suppose would have happened if they had had doubt?I would think we would have been reading a story about two men who had a chance to be touched by the love of Christ but failed.Understand my friends we are children of God.A father that loves us beyond all our imaginations.IN all aspects of our life we are to put Him first.We need to stop trying to do it all ourselves and leave it with God.Leave it and dont pick it back up.Allow God to work in us and i believe we will obtain a peace we had not known.If God is for us who can be against us. Have a Blessed day.

in the name of christianity

The hour is coming and is now that we will worship the Father in spirit and truth for this is what the Father seeks”True worship.i recently read some comments to a post that was sent to me and several “christians” were rebuking this post.That is their right but the hatred and foul language they used in the name of christianity just showed me that so many people believe that since they believe there is a God or that Christ truly died on the cross for us that is enough.Please my beloved,understand that without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a renewing of the mind, that kind of thinking is just folly.Does the bible not tell us Jesus said”depart from me I never knew you”?God is not based on hate, but a love the surpasses all understanding.Jesus said” because you are lukewarm I vomit you”strong words but a real warning.We cannot be complacent with our salvation.Jesus gave ALL so we are to give all also.In order for this to take place we are to desire a very personal relationship with our Savior.We are to assess ourselves and ask forgiveness for our our sins and then”go and sin no more”Yes we are to believe,but with that we are also to put away the things of the world.Hate,jealousy,lies,ect.all these things have their place in the lake of fire.”The hour is coming and is now’. Jesus said “no one gets to the Father except through me” We live each day on borrowed time.Allow nothing to hinder you my friends.”ask and you will receive”Crucify your natural self from the world daily and your reward will be great.Have a Blessed day.


“come see the man who told me everything i have ever done”I was thinking about that statement from John 4,everything i have ever done! The Lord sees all we do.Good and bad,He sees our sin and knows our thoughts and hearts.How humiliating it was for me to get on my knees and confess my sins before Jesus. How humbling it is to give an account of myself to Him,yet he already knows “all i have ever done”It is when one goes to Him with a broken and repentant heart that He is just to forgive and accept us.When we cry out to Jesus to remove this sinful and natural,worldly heart and mold me into something fit for His good works, that the regenerative process can begin.How amazing that Jesus would love me,a sinner so much that he would suffer on the cross and die so i can spend eternity in heaven.Without Jesus all is vanity.All purpose is fleeting.What would be the goal?”Come see the man who told me everything i have ever done.”……everything. God Bless