in the name of christianity

The hour is coming and is now that we will worship the Father in spirit and truth for this is what the Father seeks”True worship.i recently read some comments to a post that was sent to me and several “christians” were rebuking this post.That is their right but the hatred and foul language they used in the name of christianity just showed me that so many people believe that since they believe there is a God or that Christ truly died on the cross for us that is enough.Please my beloved,understand that without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a renewing of the mind, that kind of thinking is just folly.Does the bible not tell us Jesus said”depart from me I never knew you”?God is not based on hate, but a love the surpasses all understanding.Jesus said” because you are lukewarm I vomit you”strong words but a real warning.We cannot be complacent with our salvation.Jesus gave ALL so we are to give all also.In order for this to take place we are to desire a very personal relationship with our Savior.We are to assess ourselves and ask forgiveness for our our sins and then”go and sin no more”Yes we are to believe,but with that we are also to put away the things of the world.Hate,jealousy,lies,ect.all these things have their place in the lake of fire.”The hour is coming and is now’. Jesus said “no one gets to the Father except through me” We live each day on borrowed time.Allow nothing to hinder you my friends.”ask and you will receive”Crucify your natural self from the world daily and your reward will be great.Have a Blessed day.

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