Be anxious for nothing

How many times have we tried to accomplish something in our lives only to fail?”ive tried all i know to do,i guess there is nothing left except to just pray about it”We seem to put God last on our list when He should be first.Be anxious for nothing.Ive heard so many people say “but i do pray but nothing happens”Not Gods fault.When we give it to God we are to leave it with God.We pray and give it over to God and then when we are done we pick it right back up and take it with us.How can God do anything with something we wont let go of?Often we pray about something but hold doubt in our heart”Well He might help me with this”The bible tells us of a story of two blind men calling to Jesus by the side of the road.Jesus stops and asks them “what do you want me to do?” Do you think He didnt know what they wanted?Of course He did,but He wanted to hear it from them the same as He wants you to make your requests known.But then..He told them “by your measure of faith so you will be healed”What do you suppose would have happened if they had had doubt?I would think we would have been reading a story about two men who had a chance to be touched by the love of Christ but failed.Understand my friends we are children of God.A father that loves us beyond all our imaginations.IN all aspects of our life we are to put Him first.We need to stop trying to do it all ourselves and leave it with God.Leave it and dont pick it back up.Allow God to work in us and i believe we will obtain a peace we had not known.If God is for us who can be against us. Have a Blessed day.

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