you say this is too hard

“My yoke is easy and my burden is light” you say this is too hard,im just not sure what the will of the Lord is for my life.That is very simple my beloved..His will is for you is to surrender yourselves to Him completely.To trust Him to work in you all things for His glory.When we realize this and move our will to His, we can begin to become pliable clay in His hands.Understand my friends it is not for us to know His plans for us, only to know his will.Jesus makes it very clear,just believe.Believe God has a plan for each of us.What is our measure of faith.”by your measure of faith it will be done”How many of us as an apprentice can walk onto a job and do the work of the master?We desire to get ourselves to that point, but but it is not an immediate thing.We must trust and have complete faith and belief that our teacher will bring us to this point and the teacher must have complete obedience or this cannot be accomplished.Im sure many of us remember the movie the karate kid.He wanted to learn all he could from the master so the master gave him a lot full of cars to wash and wax.What grumbling and complaining he displayed.It wasnt until he was finished that he found out that he was just taught the basics of the masters knowledge.God works in much the same way.We may not understand what or why a particular thing is happening but as long as we stay obedient to the Lord we find out sooner or later it works together for the good.To receive the full benefits of Christ Jesus can only take place when we surrender ourselves to Him completely.Not my will but yours Lord. Have a Blessed day.

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