Plant a seed

There was a certain man who committed a crime and was sentenced to the death penalty.When the time came to pay the price a chaplain showed up to walk with him to the “chair”. As they walked the chaplain told him about Jesus and how he could be saved for his sins and become a changed man.At this the man stopped and looked at the chaplain and said”do you mean to tell me that you have known this all these years an im just now hearing about it?”Christians we have the life saving information that can save so many.Jesus said”go and make disciples of all nations”.We dont have to be called to preach to witness to people.Each one of us has a testimony.Paul said “i dont look for the praise of men but only of Jesus Christ”.So many churches only have church on sunday morning but christians are a peculiar bunch we are to spread the truth at any opportunity.How long have you been sitting next to that co-worker knowing he is not saved.All we are asked to do is plant the seed,Christ will do the rest.Whether he listens or not is between him and the Lord but a seed not planted cannot grow.”Narrow is the path to Heaven but wide is the road to Hell, The harvest is ripe but the workers are few.How sad are the statements made by our Lord Jesus! The world will not accept Him because the great deceiver satan is of the world.We are not to be of this world and it doesnt matter if we are accepted or not by those that are.We are told although to love our neighbor as ourselves,pray for those who persecute you.I understand that “no one can follow Christ and escape unpopularity”but thats ok Jesus is our reward and it doesnt get any better than that!Pray for boldness,tell someone about Christ.Plant a seed.Let someone know why we say”Merry Christmas” instead of happy holidays.This season is all about the birth of a SAVIOR and nothing else.God Bless all of you my beloved.

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