Do we ever doubt?the bible is a fascinating book.Its a history book,a handbook,a book on moral values,agriculture,it even tells you how best to build a house.But most important it is the word of God.”The Word was God”In Him was life”And the life was the light”We sometimes doubt the Lord.We find it hard to believe that He is even listening with the shape our world is in.But who has hold of the world?The bible tells us..satan then took Jesus to a high place and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and said i will give you all this, if you just bow down and worship me.Jesus did not correct satan by telling him he didnt rule those kingdoms. So that tells us they were his to do as he pleased.My beloved friends,please dont doubt the precious Word of God.Search the scriptures and you will find all you need to succeed in this world.Thomas doubted, even after all his best friends told him Jesus had appeared to them.It wasnt long before Thomas was on his knees before Jesus saying “My Lord and my God. ” Jesus told him”Because you have seen me you believe,blessed are those who have not seen me but believe”.Blessed are those!Blessed!The bible makes it clear who is of the world.satan.We are not to be of this world.Gods kingdom is in heaven.”Do not lay up your treasures on earth”satan wants us to have doubt.Doubt buys him more time.Precious,borrowed time.If you hold doubts pray to God who loves you more than any earthly parent could and ask Him to to help.Hes waiting for you always.Just knock and the door will be opened.God Bless you all and have a Happy new year.

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