Mercy or judgement?

Back in the days of the romans they had what was called a judgement seat,we are told Pilate brought out a judgement seat before the jewish people when he was to hear the charges brought against Jesus. The only time he sat in it was when he was to judge.Our Lord has different seats He set in also.Right now He is sitting in what is called the Mercy seat.Its an actual seat,the old testament tells us so.While He sets there, He extends us His mercy by grace that we may believe in Jesus Christ and yet be saved from judgement or as it says in revelations 20 the second death.”For the wages of sin is death but everlasting life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”He wont be on the mercy seat forever.We are told even Jesus doesnt know how long.Thats what i mean by” we are living on borrowed time.”Eventually He will leave the mercy seat and it will be too late.When He does He will move to the judgement seat.Everything changes then.Are you going to be ready when He leaves His mercy seat?How long have you been putting it off?If your car had bad brakes would you put it off until you crashed?What more your eternal soul?Jesus is looking for you right now.He took up His cross,will you take up yours?God Bless.

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