Move the stones

Lazarus was dead,Jesus knew it.He had tarried four days.Now it was time to act.In Gods time.No one else understood, but He did.Martha said Lord if you had only been here.Now Jesus is in front of the tomb,all are standing around.The first thing He said is “roll away the stone”He could have moved it with just a word but He made them do it.Roll away the stone and watch His supernatural power at work.To fully rely and trust in the Lord does not mean just to sit back and wait for God to do all the work but to trust that the work you do will be blessed.That the prayer you pray will be answered.In His time and for His good.Roll away the stone! Remove the obstacles within you.I can do all things THROUGH CHRIST who strengthens me.First we have to call upon Him,trust Him,believe in Him completely.That means surrender all.He gave all and we can give nothing less.Elijah stood before an entire nation and said if He be God then worship Him.What do we worship?You cannot serve two masters.I used to go out on sunday morning and wash and shine my harley.Spent a couple hours on my knees shining it.Oh if only i spent that much time on my knees for God!Nothing wrong with having things but who do we serve? we cannot serve two masters.A house divided cannot stand.Roll away the stone! Do your part and Jesus will do His.Trust Him.Love Him.Believe in Him.Step out on faith and give it to Him.Do all things but put Him first.His guidance is perfect,but we have to move the stones in ourselves before He can make us into something to be used for His good works.God Bless.

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