Why do we believe

Why do we believe?  Why do we call ourselves christians?  believers?  Is it because we have a deep strong desire to put Jesus first in our lives?  I think there are three types of christians.

1] The ones that think christianity is just believing that there is a God and that Jesus was a real person, the historical christian.

2] The ones who go to church and do the best works that they can do on their own…The almost christian.

3] The ones who desire a deep meaningful relationship with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Where do you land in this?  The almost christian does the best he can in hopes that he will escape the judgement.  If you ask him if he is going to heaven the reply will be that he hopes so but who can be sure?  He fears God and believes you reap what you sow.  He’s generally a decent sort, but just doesn’t understand that true christianity is more than works, more than fear.  More than “I try to be a good person because its just the right thing to do”.  He’s so close that he’s almost there.  God desires to give us so much more my beloved.  We are His children.  Do you not want to give your children all the best that you can possibly give?  I am very certain that you do.  What more our perfect Father, creator of all things, who is pure Love desires to give us.  Jesus desires a strong loving, caring relationship with us.  Not just a passing “wa sup” once in awhile.  Jesus put us first, above all things and all He asks is we do the same for Him.  How many failures have we experienced in this life because we tried to do it all on our own?  How much different things could be if we just give it to God and leave it in His perfect and capable hands?  We may not always get the results WE want, but if we understand God’s plans are perfect and He has something far better planned, if we just trust and surrender it to Him, then we will start to see the pieces fitting together far better than we could have imagined ourselves.  We can be certain where we will spend eternity.  Read Romans ch.10.  “The word is on your lips”.  Jesus is right here, right now.  If you haven’t yet, ask Him into your life, be cleansed of your sins, and start with a clean slate.  No one is too far gone.  Jesus loves you.  Just ask Him.

-God Bless

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