I and the Father are one

Jesus said, “I and the Father are one.”  And again, “if you see Me, you see the Father”.

How did He make that claim?  How was Jesus God?  Let us first look at ourselves.  What makes us unique?  It is not that we all look somewhat different.  We all have arms, legs, hands, feet, eyes, nose, ect.  What makes us different from each other?  Our thoughts and our speech.  For what we think and what we say is who we are.

Now suppose I could think something and you could say it from my thoughts alone, then I would believe that you and I would be one.  Ergo, of one mind and one thought.  I could think it, and you could put it into existence.  So it is with Jesus, The Word.  One mind and one Spirit with God.  So now we have the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  The Trinity.  “No one can get to the Father except through Me.”  

There is only one name on earth in which a person can be saved; Jesus.  Why?  Because Jesus was born of the Spirit as flesh.  Opened the mind of God for us, experienced all the same human things we do.  And then gave His life as an atonement for our sins.

Greater LOVE has no man that to lay down his life for his friends.  Jesus called us His friends!  He desires a personal relationship with us the same as any best friend.  Only this is much better, He has promised to send us a comforter to those that call upon Him, The Holy Spirit.  That we may be forgiven our sins, and belong to Him.  Now all things that are given to God are consecrated to Him or” Holy”.  So if we give ourselves to the Lord, we are to be Holy as Christ is Holy.  So if Christ is with us, then also Christ is in us!  How beautiful it is to belong to Jesus!  If God is with us then who can be against us?  No weapon formed against us can prosper!  

If you havent done it yet, ask Jesus to come into your life, forgive your sins and begin a spiritual journey beyond your natural comprehensions.

God Bless.

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