Remove The Fence

I recently bought a small farm. When I first moved in, the yard was about a half acre, and a fence divided the rest of the property. In order to access the rest of the land, I had to climb the fence. So I set about to remove the fence… There was so much beauty on the other side that was being ignored. The trees were covered with large vines and they were choking them out. They were dying because the vines were choking out the light. As I chopped the vines they withered, and the wind blew the leaves away. Then I noticed something; the trees started to produce new leaves and good fruit. I cleaned out the weeds and new grass started to grow. In some places flowers appeared. God’s creatures came, fed, and played in the open field. You see, the Lord showed up in all his beauty. All I had to do was remove the fence.
Sometimes we put up barriers to block ourselves from the world. But it also blocks us from those that need our help. They need the vines of this world cut down so the sin can wither and die. Then they can see the light and begin to produce good fruit for Christ.
Remove the weeds that are the cares and burdens of this world so God can send the blessings He so longs to bestow. Tear down the fence.
Remove the barriers and let the light of Christ in so others can see. Do you have a fence that needs removed? The time to take it down is now. Remove your fence, cut the vines, and tell others what Jesus can do. There is so much beauty out there if we just look.
God Bless.

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