Greater love has no man than this

Jesus?,..Yes Father,..satan has influenced my creation and now all have sin in their hearts.The only way i can save them now is for someone to die as a blood atonement for them,will you do that for them?..Yes Father i will…It will mean you will have to become flesh,teach them of the kingdom of Heaven.Be rejected by the very people you are trying to save…Yes….Also they will arrest you,beat you,spit on you and humiliate you.Then they will whip you until your body is shredded and make you carry a cross to the outskirts of town and crucify you. while you are on that cross you will be full of every horrible sin imaginable and i will have to forsake you until the third day when you will rise from death and return to Me….And this will save all mankind?….Only those that believe in you and who call upon your name to be saved by what you have done…I will do it Father…It will soon be Christmas and we will celebrate the birth of our savior.But it is not as much the birth we are celebrating but the mission.Jesus was born for one reason,to die for the sins of the world.That is something to celebrate,that He loves us so much that He would leave Heaven and die for us.”Greater love has no man than this,that a man lay down his life for his friends.This is the meaning of Christmas.If you havent already ask Him into your life.Make Him Lord of ALL.Go to Him with a prayer of thanksgiving this Christmas.Jesus IS the reason for the season. Amen. God Bless….Im sending this to all my friends, i cant talk to or see you all so this is my christmas present to all of you.

Our Wedding

yes we got married saturday,thank you all for the congrats.we felt it best to just do a small private ceremony since we are on the road and so far away from all the people we would have liked to have had with always the Lord provided and the church we have been attending here went all out for us.they are a great bunch and have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome.thank you and God bless.