Faith-  Where are we without it?  It is the bond which holds all things together.  Family, friends, business, government.  What happens when this bond begins to dissolve?  There becomes a state of barbarism and anarchy, with everyone distrusting his neighbor, fearing friends and associates, progress becomes impossible, and civilization inconceivable.

Where do we begin to put our faith?  I believe, in Christ.  Now how do we begin to put our faith in Jesus?  The bible tells us that “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God”.  What is another word for faith?  Trust or belief… Jesus said, “just believe”.  Believe He can do what He says.  The patriarch Joshua’s dying words to his people were that God’s promises have never failed him throughout his entire life.  The promises of God are just that.  Promises!  What God says; He will do.  How do we obtain these promises?  Through faith.  How do we obtain faith?  Pick up your bible and read!   You will find passage upon passage pertaining to faith as well as the promises of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  

God tells us if we obey His commandments He will be just to reward us.  How?  With eternal life with our savior.  He will be just to forgive us our sins if we ask, believe, and turn from them.  Do you believe this?  Do you believe God keeps His promises?  Do you know that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you?  

Ask Jesus into your life, pick up a bible and ask Him to show you the promises; to give you faith if you need it.  Christ came for all.  Ask.  Knock.  He wants to show you a love and peace you have never known.

-God Bless.