Will He confess me to the Father?

I heard once about a boy that was in church and while the preacher was speaking walked up to the front of the church and asked,

“If I confess Jesus to the ‘world’ will He confess me to the Father?”

I tell you if that preacher would have preached all day he couldnt have said as much as that boy did. I have heard people confess men who have helped them out from time to time in their lives, stopped to help fix a flat, forgiven them a debt, you name it.  A person will praise men all sorts of acts of kindness and that is all well and good.  But how many people confess Jesus Christ?  He left Heaven to instruct us in the perfect will of the Father, and at the appointed time, died upon the cross for our sins, all because He loves us so much that He wants “none to perish.”

Beloved, we need to confess Christ to the world and if we do the bible tells us He will confess us to the Father.  If we give ourselves to Jesus the bible tells us we will be heirs to God.  Christ did a wonderful thing for you and I and we need not keep it to ourselves.

Ask Jesus into your life and then tell folks what He has done.

-God Bless.