….nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.

Disclosure: first off, I can’t say that I’ve ever seen any “faith healing” type of thing in person. (Like you see on tv.) So, I’m not saying that. But what I have seen, is our God, the Father and Creator of all, hear our prayers, and show He cares, and answer them… sometimes even as we are praying.

Last summer, my daughter, (35 y/o), was rushed to the ER, and no one knew if she would make it or not. There were many things wrong. Initially, she just thought she had a urinary tract infection- turned out that it was much more. The infection was in her blood. Many things happened. No less than two times, they gave her the wrong medication in which she had reactions to that caused her to code. One time it was because they actually overdosed her with sedative.
She ended up transferring hospitals three times, (each time due to the previous hospital messing up!)
She had infection on her heart. Her heart valve infection caused two strokes. (It was during the stroke events when they did not realize she was having a stroke, and thought she was just “freaking out”, so they over-sedated her the first time- which caused her heart to stop. And it took them quite a while to get her back. That was the first hospital. The administrator actually admitted to the mistake, so they volunteered to have her sent to another hospital for further treatment.
So at this point, she has infection in her blood, her heart, has over-dosed, been revived, and put on a ventilator.
While at the second hospital, they are watching her closely in case any further “vegetation” /bleeding, might cause another stroke.. but she is recovering, and they take her off of the ventilator.
Then she tells them she doesn’t feel right, that something is wrong & weird things are going on in her body… her arms are shaking & she can’t control them, she’s very frightened & panicing… so- again, they choose to strap her down and sedate her– turns out, she was having another stroke! This one was bigger. They give her medication that they have been told that she cannot take. She has a condition known as Malignant Hyperthermia, (google that for info.). The wrong meds, anestesia, stress, etc. cause reactions in her body that if not caught & treated, are lethal.
So, now they are unable to rush her to the “main” hospital for treatment from the stroke, because they have now created a deadly situation, which must first be treated… so again, she’s now BACK on a ventilator again, unconscoius, and no idea if she will wake up, or what the stroke has damaged.
Finally, after around 6 hours to get the MH under control… they could transport her to the “main” hospital where there are surgeons and specialists to assess the stroke damage.
They did manage to get her into surgery and were able to remove most of the blood clot “tree” from her brain, but not all – because there had been too much time passed..

So now she is at the third hospital, recovering after surgery, and not yet awake, and still on a ventilator, heart monitor, etc… in the ICU.

To re-cap… two different hospitals at this point, two strokes, which BOTH hospitals failed to recognize, and also BOTH hospitals gave her wrong meds which essentially killed her, and she had to be revived. (I did not find out until much later about what actually happened with the second hospital, so I don’t have ALL of the exact details. Plus, it’s kinda painfull.. ya know?)

So now she is at the third hospital, and FINALLY wakes up- and naturally, she’s terrified! She’s afraid she’ll have another stroke, and get strapped down, and “killed” again! The over-dose at the first hospital also made her hallucinate very badly, and she remembered it 🙁

A bit more background, she also has what is called “king’s syndrome”, this is why she has Malignant Hyperthermis, it is one symptom of it.. so is her severe scolliosis, very weak muscle developement, low weight, severe and constant back pain, etc..
All her life we have been in and out of ICU’s with her from complications, usually due the the doctors not listening to us when we explain her condition to them, and they simply treat as they would anyone else, and give her medicine which trigger her MH events.. here are a few expample of the times in ICU when neither we nor the doctors knew if she would live or not..
-when she had surgery to put rods in her back at age 15
-when she had her wisdom teeth pulled
-when she gave birth to her son
-and the story I’m telling you now.

(seems like I’m forgetting a few, but you get the point)

(So at this third hospital, they run it more like a “factory”, or “production work”… they have a timeframe for when they want the beds empty for new patients… whether you are recovered enough to move or not.. it was awful. But, I digress.)
She wakes up, no one really knows if there is damage from the strokes or not- but she seems pretty much “ok” under the circumstances..
They decide that she can come off of the ventilator, she’s kinda scared that something doesn’t “feel right”, and not sure she’s ready yet. (she can communicate by writing.) They decide to take her off of it anyway, so she’s scared, but cooperates, cause no one likes that thing! They remove it, and she can’t get her breath. She’s scared to death, I can’t help her, the technician & nurse were not expecting that, so they were not prepared.. and she passes out because she isn’t breathing… then her heart stops… I leave the room so they can attend to her. The don’t have any equipment ready, and now they are in there doing chest compressions on her – again. (So, what is that, like 3 times now she’s had compressions within about a week & a half, or less… ouch! Have you ever taken cpr? Any idea what it does to your ribs? Your chest? Your back?
Anyway, they finally get her back. She comes to, and is having an awful time trying to breath. Every breath is a fight, and also very painful. By now she’s in severe pain. She keeps telling them how hard it is to breath, but they figure that much of it is likely due to all the cpr trauma that she’s been through..
So, gradually begins to recover- slowly.. able to drink a bit, eat a bit, etc. Extremely weak, still hard to breath, and her heartbeats would often drop pretty low, as would her breathing… but she’s a fighter.
They decide that it’s time to move her to a “room” and get her out of ICU.

We gather our things, and her things from the ICU room, and take them to the new room to wait on them to bring her in… the other room is literally just right down the hallway in another wing. We had just gotten to the new room, and set things down, when we heard a call over the speakers for her ICU room number… code blue.

So, here we go again. I rush back to the ICU area, and see them scrambling around to tend to her, and can’t find the things they need… it was a mess. They were having to try to revive her – again. It was not pleasant at all, and it took a while.
They were having trouble themselves even getting air into her lungs using the squeeze bottle thing they use, (I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s that plastic buble thing they squees to give you air while they are working on you.)
They are finally able to get her heartbeat back, then get her intubated & back on a ventilator – again.

After some very tormented time passes, they decide she can come off it again. The doctor himself personally removes it, and after having a rather direct conversation with him, they are now prepared for a worse-case scenario.. but all goes well.
Time passes, she does ok… but it’s extremely difficult. She has had an IV in her neck this whole time becaue they couldnt get on in her arm.. they also had another in her thigh… plus a pic line that had to be put on the wrong side, because they could get it into the side it needed to go on.. etc. etc. etc.

They continuously monitor her oxygen, blood, infection, and I don’t remember what all elso.. she’s slowly recovering again- but is still having a hard time breathing- she keeps telling them that something isn’t right. Like she has gunk in her lungs, but she cannot caugh. She only has use of one lung anyway, and it’s severely limited, so she simply, physically cannot caugh anything up at this point.
So they Dr. goes in with a scope and removes a huge clump of blockage. That blockage was the reason she coded when they had attempted to put her into the room. It was totally blocking her airway right into the branch at the lungs.
They also done sonagrams on her heart to check the valve damage, and the condition of that “vegetation/growth/infection”..

Then it was time to try to put in a pic line again and try to put it into the proper side.. which if you don’t know what it it, google it. That failed.

After a few more days and more improvement, they tried again & were successful. This thing goes right to her heart to supply antibiotic.

More time passes, and they have to have a certain number of beds empty by the end of the day, (I was there and heard the meeting that took place where their boss told the staff to empty a particular number of beds,)
The attendants who moved her were rushed, rude, and careless.. and had my aunt and I not been there, they almost broke her leg when they changed beds.

Anyway, she’s out of the ICU now and in a room. They tell us after some more recovery time she’ll be able to go home but must keep an IV, (the PIC line), for the antibiotic. But they changed their minds and decided to keep her there until she’s had the full course of antibiotics – 30 days.
The heart doctor tells me the tests show antibiotics are working, but that her heart valve will need surgery after she is finished with the anitbiotics. He said she will need a heart valve replacement.

After all she’s gone through, (and weighing next to nothing- like 80lbs. I think), I am not sure her body could handle that. But that’s what he said.

So she stays there until the antibiotic treatment is finished up. They run more tests and look at her heart again to check the damage, and look into what all will need to be involved in the surgery to replace the valve. And guess what- no surgery needed. It looked just fine and was healed up nicely.

During this entire ordeal, with every bit of information I got, I texted our church prayer request leader, and also posted prayer requests here on CFS… and at each event, every time something went wrong- it’s like as soon as the prayers got going- it was resolved, until the next crisis popped it.. over and over and over.

Maybe it was one of those things where you just had to be there to recognize it, but it was apparent to everyone- that God’s hand was in her life. Right there everytime. Even to the point of repairing a heart valve that needed surgery.

You may not count this as “healing” in the way that you mean… and that’s ok. That’s just one example. The most specific part of all of this, was the heart valve healing. (There was also a hole in her heart as well.. but the valve damage was the big concern.)
And if it will help your faith any, I can try to dig up my text messages and private posts that show the timeframe, problems, prayers & stuff and share those as well.

Now when I prayed for her, I did not “expect” God to do this or that.. yes I certainly wanted her to be ok. But I was resovled in my heart that He knew what was best for her, and that her body was in very bad condition, she battles pain daily, and there would be much rehab, and possibly undiscovered damage from the strokes, and no idea of the outcome of a heart surgery.. So I was in my heart able to accept whatever God decided to do. And I think that’s the important part that we tend to forget. I think that when we can honestly TRUST God to that extent, that’s when the great things happen.

-This is also the examples in the Bible. Abraham & his son… many will say that maybe Abraham thought God might resurrect Issac, but I think his faith was deeper than that- because thinking that way isn’t really “faith”… He didn’t know what exactly God would do. But he know that God knew best, and he keeps His promises.. so he was able to be content in resolving to trust Him fully, no matter the outcome.
We also see this example in the firery furnace… what did those guys say– maybe it’s God’s will to save us, maybe it isn’t.. but He’s God, and we are putting our trust in Him…

Another example, probably more like what you are asking about was concerning my husband. He was supposed to be beginning a shutdown at work in less than 2 weeks. But he hurt himself & had to go to the ER. Dr said broken rib, here’s some pain meds., you’ll be hurting for while, should be good in about 6 weeks.
Well, that’s no good. His work is seasonal. He works outages in spring and fall to make money that has to last us the whole year! So, if he can’t work the outgae due to his ribs… that’s puts us in an awful bind, and he misses that window to work.
A few days later we go to our Wednesday night Bible study & prayer.
All during Bible study my husband was uncomfortable, in really bad pain, and looked like he was going to just cry at any time. (He did not want to take any pain meds, he doesn’t like them, and chose only to take some ibuprofen instead.)
After Bible study everyone presents praises, & answered prayers. We always make it a point to acknowledge each specific time that we recognize that God has answered a prayer, or blessed us in some way, or just things that we are thankful for… and we then take time to go over prayer requests from the previous week, get updated on how everyone is doing, and add any new prayer requests to our list.
So my husband tells our group about his injury & asks to be put on the prayer list. We pray, everyone says their goodbyes, and we all go home.

The next day my husband told me that last night while we were praying that he noticed he wan’t hurting like he had been. He said he noticed he could move around a bit & the pain wasn’t there. But he didn’t say anything about it while we were there because he wasn’t sure… but he said the pain was just gone, and it was still gone. He said it felt sore, but not painful.
He was very excited about it & told me that it was simple.. God had healed him. And the pain did not come back. It was simply sore for a few more days & that was it. He was able to work the job & everything was ok. Needles to say, at the next prayer/praise meeting, Sunday morning, he included this as a praise for answered prayer…

So, yes- that’s a personal example of “healing”. And it happened as we were all praying together.

Another time, my husband was out of town working… and a guy he was working with was very worried about his brother. This man takes care of his brother because he is disabled and has medical issues. So while this man is also out off town working, there is no one to check in on his brother. He had been trying to call him all day and all night to check on him to make sure he was ok, because he has health issues, and is alone. But he never could get him on the phone. He was very worried, because they always talked and checked in every day.
He talked about this to my husband… and my husband said, -well, how about we pray about it. So, they took a minute to just stop in the hallway, & my husband said a prayer for him.
Then my husband called me while he was still on break, and told me about it. Since I was on my way to Bible study & prayer, I also requested that our prayer group pray for this man and his brother.
After I got home, my husband called me again later, and let me know that the guy’s brother had called & that everything was ok.. He said he had called about an hour after he had talked to me the first time. Well, an hour after I had talked to him was exactly the time we were praying for him!
-Now, I realize that’s not a “healing”… but it’s an answered prayer.

And as far as I’m concerned, the fact that God, the Creator of everything takes time and care to hear our concerns, and to grant us blessings, and answer our prayers & needs– well, that’s a miracle…lol -think about it. It is.

A friend of mine from work… his wife had a tumor that was pretty nasty, and they were going to do surgery to remove it. They had asked people to keep her in prayer about it… that everything would go ok, no cancer, etc..
She went in to have surgery, they did some tests to look at it again, prior to operating, and there was a problem. The doctor had to go back and double check the results, thinking the technician had sent the wrong files/results.. because the images did not match. The tumor was not there.. it was different.

After verifying the tests & files, and looking closer, they could still see the tumor, but it had shrunk and was almost entirely gone. So he cancelled the surgery.. it wasn’t necessary at that point. (She did go back later to have the small amount removed because it was just uncomfortable to her and bothered her.. but at that point it wasn’t really necessary medically, and since it had shrunk so much, it wasn’t nearly as difficult or invasive to remove what was left of it.)

I count that as healing.

Way back when my childern were younger… after I was divorced and raising them alone.. Money was extremely tight. There was one year that was really bad, (it was after that whole thing with Enron happened.) I had lost my factory job, and was working as an apprentice.. not making much money, and still having full-size bills.
I simply did not have ANY money for even one Christmas gift. So I decided to tell my kids that we were going to “skip” Christmas gifts this year, and that since many people were also tight on money and had children, that I was going to tell Santa to just give our gifts to someone who may need them more. They understood.
(I’ve always hated the whole Santa thing… telling kids “if your good, Santa will bring gifts”- I hate that. I think it’s a terrible thing to do. Those children who have parents without money are made to feel like they are bad, and not good.. that’s something I never did do to my children.)
A few nights before I had prayed to God and told Him of our situation, and told Him about what I had decided to tell the kids.. I told Him that there was no way I could buy anything for Christmas, and hoped the kids would be ok about it all… and that IF there were going to be any gifts for them, then it would have to be due to something He worked out because I had no options.
I didn’t like it- but I had resolved to be ok about it and accept the fact that we’d just have to skip the Christmas gift part of things…

Anyway, the work week was finished up.. and it was December 23.. at night, not long before bedtime. Someone pulled into my yard and was knocking on my door. It was my work partner/classmate that I rode to work with, who lived about a mile or so away…
That was really odd. I lived out in the woods, never had company, and we didn’t socialize outside of work/class..
He handed me an envelope and told me that each year their chuch chooses a family to give money to in order to help with Christmas expenses.. and that this year, he had asked them to consider us.. so they agreed.
Now I had NOT told him that we were not having Christmas, or that I did not have any money.
But God knew. And there was $350 in that envelope. So the next day, I was able to go buy gifts before the stores closed, so the kids could have some gifts to open.
-I will never forget that. That’s probably the first time that I can remember God having done something like that.. to where I knew without any doubt, that He provided that so that I would know it was from Him.

(I was trying to do the best I was able. I believed in God, read the Bible sometimes, but couldn’t really understand very much of most of the time. I tried, but wasn’t really fully committed. He was working on me 🙂
See, that was before I began going to church. He was letting me know that He was there & that He cares and hears us. )

– And again, I had already made up my mind to be accepting of whatever the situation ended up being.

At that time, I never dreamed He would provide money for us. It honestly never occurred to me. My prayer was mostly because I felt bad for the kids, and didn’t want them to be hurt. I never actually asked God for money.. I just said that if they had a Christmas it will be from Him because I couldn’t give them one.

17 If this be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of your hand, O king. 18 But if not, be it known to you, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the golden image that you have set up.” …

28 Nebuchadnezzar answered and said, “Blessed be the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, who has sent his angel and delivered his servants, who trusted in him, and set aside the king’s command, and yielded up their bodies rather than serve and worship any god except their own God.
[Daniel 3:17-18, 28 ESV]